Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty Stamp Duty is a state based tax which is levied on all property transactions. The Buyer in a property transaction is responsible for paying the stamp duty. To calculate your stamp duty in Queensland please refer to:- To calculate your stamp duty in NSW please refer to:-

Swimming Pool Compliance

Swimming Pool Compliance Compliance with Swimming Pool Laws is a very topical point of discussion in our area with so many homes and unit complexes containing swimming pools. The laws do vary depending on which State you are selling or purchasing in. For general information and to check if a pool is registered in NSW […]

Verification of Identity

Verification of Identity As a part of any property dealings now the Verification of Identity of the person, Company or Trust is required. Generally for individuals we will do this with you in our first meeting and obtain certified copies of relevant identification. The requirements for other structures varies slightly and can be confirmed on a […]